Vintage Photo Of The Day: Melody Ehsani launching the M.E tote bag




Finding a tote bag fit for a creative queen has been a hard task for me but I think I may have finally found the ultimate bag! Melody Ehsani is releasing this awesome fatigue print ,black & white shoulder straps with a queen in the middle! The design and prints of this bag alone screams creative and arts to me . The size of the bag is perfect for US creatives who are always on the run from work,events, gym and personal passion projects. Far more importantly , the words on this bag stands out to me the most ” You Dont Like Us, We Dont care” .

“You don’t Like Us, We Dont Care” is a phrase that I believe all creatives or influencers have said or had to live by. In a world where everyone is judgemental of those who are game changers or risk takers this quote gives us strength ! The Greatest influencers ,artists and innovators have always faced adversity and backlash but they kept going because the care  to followe their dream and  whats  right  in their hearts is the higher importantance ! I will be purchasing this bag when it is released Thursday on as well in her Store on Fairfax in LA  so make sure you guys get yours too.Melody has once again delivered a timeless piece!


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