Brooklyn Vintage Boutique puts an adult fashion spin on the”Easter Egg Hunt”


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As Easter is approaching is this weekend there are many events marketed around this lucrative yet religious holiday in America. I found one particular smart retail business woman to have put an interesting spin on the “Easter Egg Hunt”.Jessica Master owner of Vintage Boutique  Miss Master’s Closet in Bedstuy Brooklyn , where she sells awesome rare vintage pieces $10–$100 has put an adult Fashion spin on the easter egg hunt.


The hunt will include Items marked with a special “Easter egg” tag are free. At least 30 items hidden throughout the store will be free to take.  This creative chic hunt will take place during store hours on April 20 inside the shop at 1070 Bedford Ave.The hunt will always  will give customers an opportunity to drink cocktails and search for free clothing, shoes, sunglasses, bags and other accessories.

I found this idea of an adult fashion vintage clothing hunt to be super innovative creating a unique shopping experience while gaining no customers and making profit! Wondering why or how thought up this swanky idea? Here ‘s what she had to say below in the


“Easter’s always been my favorite holiday,” said Master, 32. “Even as an adult, if I could go on egg hunts I would.””Part of what I’m really trying to further here is the idea of vintage reusing and recycling,” Master said. “I just thought it was a good way for people to pay more attention to the clothes.”Master said she owes that attention to clothes in part to her days searching for eggs with her family on Easter Sunday.”It’s about the hunt,” Master said.”This is why I have this job, because I like finding things. So for me, it was just a natural ability I had with vintage clothing.”


Twitter & Instagram @MissMastersCloset



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