Beauty and Brains: Model/Programmer Lyndsey Scott creates iPort App

lyndsey-scott-model lyndsey-scott-victorias-secret-model


Lyndsey scott a 24 year old model/actress/programmer from new jersey is making it acceptable to be beautiful and smart! Lyndsey attended  the prestigious Amherst College and is the daughter of a compter programmer so the apple didnt fall to far from the tree. She actually didn’t start modelling until about 2008.  Lyndsey recently launched her own app called  I-Port! The revolutionary app helps models import all there look books & comp cards rather than carrying many different books which can be a struggle especially for models in nyc!

Lyndsey recently spoke with NPR radio and here’s what she had to say about her new app and women in tech!


“I had the idea for this app because it was something I personally needed. As a model, to carry around these heavy books – I have seven agencies worldwide. And to carry these around in my suitcase from one country to the next became difficult. So I created this app, not just for models, but also for other artists or architects. I’ve heard people using this to show off their cakes – their cake baking. And for me, personally, I love the fact that you can customize the table, you can customize the book. And I’m also working on implementing videos so that you can page through the portfolio with both photos and video displays.”

“I think for one, young people are very lucky to have the resources now that maybe they don’t – they would’ve had before. Currently only 1 out of 10 schools teaches computer programming. So luckily has created a great new initiative called Hour of Code which will allow people, for free, you can try out programming on your own. So even just that exposure to programming would allow more women to get involved with technology and try it out and participate in this ever-growing field. And I think girls in general should just put their fear aside when they go to their classes. It’s important to participate. It’s important to be heard and not let the stereotypes stop you.”


Follow Lyndsey on instagram & twitter @lyndsey360


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