Watch Trailer:Ricki Lake’s Documentary ‘Breastmilk’


This film is very exciting and vital to the evr ging debate on breastfeeding in public ! There are many diffrent views on breadt feeding in public some more extreme thn others. Is a woman wrong for having to whip out her brest to feed her starving child the food it needs to survive? is it any much diffrent than women wearing short dresses or revealing tops i public? In the fim  “Breastmilk” withDana Ben-Ari directing  Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein executive producing all will be explored to disect this Breast feeding uproar! This film is believd to to open up much dialogue ,evoke thought but more importantly open mindness !

The film explores the social debate over breastfeeding among those who want to breastfeed, those who can’t breastfeed and the cultural impact of breastfeeding choices. Subjects covered include work-place pumping, career moms, gay parents, wet nurses, sex practices, freaked-out fathers, impassioned “lactivists” and moms who halt breastfeeding before their infant is six months old.


“My producing partner Abby Epstein and I were drawn to ‘Breastmilk’ because of the way filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari approached the subject of breastfeeding through personal stories, without inserting judgment or bias,” Lake said. “The film is refreshingly free of advocacy, quietly observed and elegantly filmed with a surprising amount of humor.”

The documentary “Breastmilk” hits U.S. theaters — starting with a Mother’s Day weekend release on May 7 in New York.Then “Breastmilk”will open in Los Angeles on May 16 and expand into other markets during the summer.


Check out the trailer here 



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