Revolt’s Sharon Carpenter gets inspired by Ronnie Rob’s art every morning !

Broadcast Journalist/Revolt Tv host Sharon Carpenter recently allowed into a her Clinton Hill,Brooklyn home ! I was pleasantly surprised on how Sharon’s apartment was decorated simple and chic ! The decor of sharons apartment made total sense thought do to the chaotic and hectic career she works in her home should definitely be calm and relaxed.

Sharon revealed that her Brooklyn apartment , “The charm to it is that kind of reminds me of the centuries old homes in England where I’m from.” Being reminded of Home in small ways as apartment similarities can be comforting for Sharon when  she lives so far from England and her family!

Sharon favorite place in her house is her bedroom  which was minimalistic with one vibrant painting of “Pac-Man” by artist Ronnie Rob hanging over her wall! The painting in her bedroom is definitely unique  a statement piece.


It’s the very thing that inspires Sharon, reminding her of a movie that unveils new and motivational clues to unravel. The art work is rich with color and is often a conversation piece and main topic when entertaining close friends. “It’s always interesting to hear from friends their thoughts on how they interpret it. Like every great piece of art, everyone sees something slightly different,” says Sharon.
Sharon credits the artist whom she discovered was new at his craft and had only been painting since November 2013. Ronnie Rob fills us in on how he created the character first and said, “I chose Pac-Man because of the character traits that are affiliated with him. I wanted to convey life in comparison to a game, the ups and downs and obstacles we face and our need to be strategic in order to win. The color scheme was inspired by finding contrasting and complimentary hues to express the different complexities we encounter in this game called life.”

After Viewing the Ronnie Rob’s artwork in Sharon’s house I instantly became a fan of Ronnie Rob’s work !Below are a few of his unique pieces and the artist Ronnie Rob him self!

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