Review: “First” series premiere by Issa Rae Productions


Back in February I posted the Trailer for “First”the modern day love jones story ,Created by Jahmela Biggs, Directed by James Bland and today it  premiered  on Issa Rae Productions youtube channel! First impression of the series was explosive! Being a lover of a good old fashion love story all plus more was given in this first episode.  Main Characters Robin (Jahmela Biggs) and Charlie (William Catlett)are very smitten with each other and  had an on screen chemistry that almost  made it impossible to not think they are a real couple in life! The storyline is very inviting and warm yet its subject of first love or first crush which affects people universally. With every conversation, long stare and close interactions I smiled and my heart fluttered because I felt the love from this series. “First” premiere episode was about 11 minutes and I could have easily watched twice that amount. First series is without a doubt a 5star series but more importantly its authentic universal content that had been missing.The relaese of episode 2 is already invading my brain but during the wait check out a new promo and first episode below !


Robin and Charles have known each other since Middle School, but have their first date in their late 20s. As the day of surprises unfolds, they quickly realize there is more than friendship in their future.


Twitter: @firstseriestv
Instagram: firstseriestv


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