Aol is set to film first original series “Connected”

Joan E. Solsman is taking AOL to new heights! AOL plans its own long-form original series, an adaption of an Israeli cable hit that will be set in New York.

Following in the smart footsteps of Netflix ,Hulu and Amazon  AOL is getting into the full-length original series game.
AOL said Tuesday that it plans to produce its first long-form video series, “Connected,” a US-adaptation of an Israeli series. The film/tv content is expanding making our choices of what we want to watch become


“Connected,” the company said, is a documentary series about five seemingly disconnected New Yorkers as they explore the concept of family, with the five parallel stories eventually joining in a cohesive story line. AOL said the original version of “Connected” is one of Israel’s highest-rated cable TV series ever.

The first season of “Connected” will consist of 20 installments of 22-to-30-minute episodes. Aol  is eyeing releasing them in small batches of 4 to 5 episodes at a time  which is quite dffrent from netflix , but not the one-episode-a-week strategy that Amazon has favored.Filming has not started yet, but “Connected” will debut sometime later this year.



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