Watch Trailer:3L webseries (Live,Laugh,Love)




Web series have ironically become the new tv series which I think is extraordinary  for new an upcoming film makers.As always I won the hunt for the best series that the digital world has to offer and I have come across a true gem! I found the web-series posted below ,3L (live Laugh love), created,produced & directed by Francesca Andre ,written by Francesca Andre, Melissa Ternier, Brian A Lynch and Darrion Beckles as well executive Produced by Kerson Raymond.


3L web series is a story about a young, ivy league educated American woman named Gaelle played by Melanie Charles, who is left broken after her breakup with her boyfriend of 5 years, Omar.Lost, confused, and feeling like a piece of her is missing, she takes a gamble and moves to Bedstuy, where she begins a new journey as Jazz Vocalist, Poet and Amateur cook. Of course, things don’t go as planned, as she now faces the harsh new reality in a highly competitive, take-no-prisoners place like New York.She is joined by several characters, who are there to support and accompany her through the peaks and valleys we all experience when starting fresh, pursuing one’s passion, and opening up to new possibilities and relationships.

March is women’s month so I think that  its fitting this series is being launched especially in this new age for women! 3L web-series takes you inside the minds and lives of many of the new renaissance women. The main character, Gaelle by melanie charles,is the essence of  young mid twenties women who everyday  are choosing to go their own route in their life, taking a chance and restarting over no matter the age. This new breed of young women like Gaelle show that their no set way that you must lead your life or no set place you must stay for that matter.Gaelle is the poster woman for doing what you love regardless of the fear you have or the non belief that people have in you. The teaser also shows Gaelle experiencing new aspects of herself that are liberating. People become knowledgeable about themselves when they get lost in the experience.The teaser definitely has me on edge wondering how Gaelle’s journey will transpire and what her character will morph into.

Content such as 3L web-series is rarely pictured on TV but thanks to the digital world it is now possible for  people to identify with such storylines & characters.! Although the digital world offers this amazing platform for creators & filmmakers is often very costly for these independent artist to continue to deliver the best quality work and more episodes. With the help of all you viewers and supporters out there more content like 3L web-series will be delivered straight to your eyes so please support this series by donating to their indiegogo campaign HERE .




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