Book:Rosie Perez can guide you on an “Upredicatable Life”!


Actor/Writer Rosie Perez opens up about her tumultuous childhood in her revealing memoir “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life.”Rosie also went on to tell Wendy about a fight she had with “Soul Train” host Don Cornelius and sets the record straight about her relationship with Jennifer Lopez.Plus Rosie talks about how Tupac saved her from being stood up before walking the red carpet!


Rosie Perez, Also joined  Sway in the Morning to discuss the many aspects of her new book. Who ever know  Rosie was  Bio-Chemistry major drop out of school to film Do The Right Thing with no prior training and the rest was history! She also talks about her personal experience with post traumatic stress disorder. Ms.Perez has overcame a tremendous amount of issues when it comes to abuse and her relationship with her mother. Rose mother suffered from mental illness and gave her up to a convent early on her child hood. The Succesful actress/writer doesn’t give away all the details of her experiences because they can be found in her new book, A Handbook For An Unpredictable Life! Rosie still looks as beautiful as she ever did before and has finally become comfortable with her authentic self. Follow her journey on instagram @roseperezbrooklyn


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