Travel Thursdays:


Today I ran into a person I knew from high school and they said that they love seeing how much I travel and how they wish they could travel too! I told this person they can to travel and I explained to them how important it is to travel because the experiences shape you as a person. It is  unimaginable how my life might be if  I never traveled I actually desire and will travel even more because it fuels me!Perhaps people don’t travel because they unaware of how vast the world is, how cool it is the discover new cultures or even how traveling is essential for mental clarity.My Challenge is for everyone who hasn’t traveled for whatever reason to at least travel somewhere new every year preferable out of the country but out of your state at the bare minimum. Take that flight you have been dreading and  cruise the waters I promise you will be forever be changed by the life of traveling. Below are a list of International  places I traveled before the age of 25. All of these destinations below are amazing and each place taught me something new.Hashtage  #travelthursdays on Twitter and Instagram let me know where you are traveling to or plan on traveling.

1.Cancun,Mexico (x2)

2.Cayman Islands

3.Ocho rios Jamaica (x2)

4.Costa Rica


5.Punta Cana ,Dominican Republic



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