Lindsay Lohan docu-series “Lindsay” premieres on OWN


Last Night, Lindsay Lohan docuseries “Lindsay” premiered on the OWN network.The show starts off from  last August, right after Lohan has finished her sixth stint in rehab. While alcohol, she says, has been her drug of choice, it’s clear another kind of high comes from staying in the spotlight. During the episode you see many daily personal anecdotes of Lindsay life for example her seeing her mom, paparazzi stalking her,and her shopping at a friends boutique.

Lindsay has also moved back to nyc in the first episode so she is searching for a new apartment accompanied by her  sober coach. Lindsay also has a semi break down in the episode at a photo shoot which was quite a skeptical.

Question is though how does this show align with the OWN network? hmmmm maybe it’s just for the ratings either way I will continue to watch this collab unfold..

Sundays 10pm on OWN network


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