Watch: “Young N Reckless” web series ..real raw college tales!

Young N Reckless is the ultimate compilation of the raw uncensored and untold experiences about college! College years are the most exploratory years and learning time for people. The Series creators/producers are  Kajuana S. Marie & William Alexander Runnels Cinematographer: Lyndonne Payne. I had the pleasure of meeting the creators on Saturday at the Creatively speaking event in Nyc at the New school. Kajuana and William were truly free spirits and gave off this amazing happy energy! The happiness of doing what they love poured off them. The two creators have started Turn Up tv on YouTube and plan on cranking out more jaw dropping content.


Young N’ Reckless: Episode 1: “The Morning After”
Synopsis: Ashley’s fears of abandonment have manifested themselves into nightmares and her long distance relationship with Matt is taking a toll on her schoolwork. Chanel, being the outspoken friend that she is, decides to take matters into her own hands and let Matt know how she really feels. Raven returns from a sex-capade with Hassan, who’s married, and Chanel’s ex Devan may just become her freshman f**kbuddy. Watch the drama unfold and prepare yourself for the #recklessness that is Season 1.

Kajuana S. Marie as Chanel
Aarika Trabona as Ashley
Munique Marrero as Raven
Hugues Faustin as Hassan
Andrew Rogers as Matt
Mark St. Cyr as Devan
With Anthony Smalls, Nydia Simone & Sam Franco

Glam Squad: Cisse Diombera & Natasha Bello
Sound Mixing: Marco Ciavarelli
Script Supervisor: Trish Campbell
Sound Design: Dan Lemons
Production Assistant: Candice Thomas


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