5 Cool Concept TV Pilots for 2014!

Pilot-Season-Logo pilotglossary120201111024.jpg?w=450&h=360

If you don’t know Pilot season is about to be underway and as a Film/TV lover I am super excited! The Hollywood Reporter recently listed a complete Pilot guide for 2014 and I picked my Five Favorite that I am looking forward to seeing most! The Five I picked below range from comedies to drama on ABC,CBS and FOX networks! The “Selfie” pilot series in particular is astounding because of the Social media craze with taking pictures of themselves = Selfie !


Logline: The modern take on My Fair Lady is inspired by the musical and tells the story of a self-obsessed 20-something woman who is more concerned with “likes” than being liked. After suffering a public and humiliating breakup, she becomes the subject of a viral video and suddenly has more social media “followers” than she ever imagined — but for all the wrong reasons. She then enlists the help of a marketing expert at her company to help repair her tarnished image.
Team: W/EP Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory); EP/D Julie Anne Robinson
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Piece of Pie Productions
Format: Single-camera

Logline: The drama revolves around New York City’s best medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan, who studies the dead for a reason — he is immortal. With the help of Detective Jo Martinez, the layers will be peeled back on Henry’s colorful and long life through the cases.
Team: W/EP Matt Miller (Chuck); EP Dan Lin, Jennifer Gwartz
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Lin Pictures


Save the Date
Logline: Centers on newly single 35-year-old Kate, who drunkenly books a wedding venue and is now faced with the task of meeting the right man in the right time.
Team: W/EP Jeff and Jackie Filgo
Studio: CBS Television Studios/ABC Studios
Format: Hybrid

Network Fox

Weird Loners (six-episode stright to series order)
Logline: The story of four relationship-phobic people who are unexpectedly thrust into each other’s lives and form an unlikely bond in a Queens, N.Y., townhouse.
Cast: Zachary Knighton
Team: W/EP Michael Weithorn (The King of Queens); EP Jake Kasdan
Studio: 20th Century Fox TV
Format: Single-camera

Empire (pilot order with an eye toward series)
Logline: A family drama set in the world of a hip-hop empire featuring original and current music.
Team: W/EP Danny Strong; EP/D Lee Daniels; EP Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo
Studio: 20th Century Fox TV, Imagine TV


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