A look through “Shahs of Sunset” star ASA Striking Style!


If you have been watching the shahs of sunset on bravo for the past 2 -3 years or follow social media you couldnt have missed this gorgeous light of creative spirit Asa Soltan also known as the “POP priestess”.

Asa is a controversial singer/artist who prides herself on living the “Modern Persian gypsy bohemian lifestyle” and is prominent in the Venice artist scene. A refugee who fled Iran as a young girl Asa grew up in Europe before moving to Los Angeles as a teenager. The sassy 36-year-old is often considered an outsider in the group doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants including dating outside her race and religion. With little desire to settle down any time soon, Asa’s main priority in life is staying true to herself and her career. (Bravo Credit)

I noticed her diverse ,chic yet cultural style on the show that led me to follow her on social media via instagram @asasoltan.I quickly began to fall in love with her style.From the  traditional Persian pieces to her fitted dress with Christian Louboutin heels and her signature long black ponytail something about her style is mesmoirzing.Asa makeup is always flawless yet natural not to mention her eyebrows are to die for as well as the jewelery this is often traditional! My most favorite thing about Asa is her confidence! Asa makes it clear on the show that she is unique and no one can stop her from embracing it! Below you can check out Asa’s style shown through these pictures!








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