Who’s House? Single Ladies Star Harold House Moore



As I was making my social media rounds yesterday I realized the new actor ,Harold House Moore who plays Terrence on “Single ladies”, was every womans MCM (man crush Mondays)! I had seen him on the previous episodes but had not clearly taken notice in how talented and attractive Harold really is! Harold is truly bringing it this season with Terrence’s character adding that special hardcore flare to this set full of ladies!I decided to do a little bit of digging on this new  Black hollywood heart-throb!

Harold was born and raised in Detroit, MI. His Profession: Actor. He actually Worked as a behavioral therapist before becoming an actor. He Has appeared in several music videos. He then Competed on the 2004 reality series Next Action Star and is an advocate for youth development and education. He scored his first real role in 2007 in The Hammer yet you may have also spotted Harold in House of Payne , Nyc 22 and Necessary Roughness. Below is an excerpt from the source magazine interview that he did a few weeks ago.

How did you get cast on the show “Single Ladies”? HHM: I actually got cast two years ago, I was set to do another TV show and I was shooting “Necessary Roughness” and they had been looking for someone to play Malcolm’s brother in the beginning of season and I happened to be there and I knew the producer Jason Wood and he reached out to me. I went in and I booked the role and the next day they wanted me to come in because they were scheduled to do more episodes with me in it. At that time, I was doing another TV show “NYC 22″ that aired on CBS.

Since the show is called “Single Ladies,” what are the qualities you like in a woman? HHM: First, I have to be attracted to you…we all have different opinions about how we have a type and know what we like. The thing after that would be personality, charisma, charm, and extremely considerate and me personally I am a considerate person and a person that listens. If you tell me that you like something and I know that means something to you, I may not pay attention to what you say at that moment, but I do the opposite. When you are in a relationship, people choose to make themselves happy like if your girlfriend buys you a blue shirt instead of a red shirt you are happy about it, but you really wanted the red shirt. In every relationship, there should always be a listener.

Mr. Moore  can be found on social media on Twitter at @whozhouse and on Instagram at @whozhouse

Check him out every Monday at 9pm on VH1 “Single Ladies”


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