Kingpin to King of the Kitchen:Chef Jeff


Sunday is always my rest and revive day where I like to get my thought together for the week and plan out how I will continue to execute my ideas and projects on my journey. So through my resting I often watch Oprah’s life class or tv one black enterprise shows during the morning because I am often inspired by the stories they usually feature. The Past Sunday in particular I was astonished by Jeff Henderson’s story “Chef Jeff” on black enterprise. Chef Jeff is a critically acclaimed worlds best chef , has written books , and has a tv show yet I had never heard of him! Even more shocking is Chef Jeff’s whirlwind past  and 360 life change.

Chef Jeff Henderson’s incredible journey— from cocaine kingpin to head inmate cook to celebrated chef—has been a powerful inspiration to people who have struggled to find success when the odds are stacked against them.While in federal prison serving nearly ten years for drug trafficking, Chef Jeff gradually realized that his life was not over if he could find mentors, stop blaming others and take full responsibility for his future.When the positive results began to pour in, he knew he had to spread his message of hope and teach his techniques for personal and professional success.

Chef Jeff Story is quite inspirational to many but most importantly he is vital to men out in the world who have no hope or don’t see a future for themselves after prison or troubled past.  It is for sure not easy for men and especially men of color but Jeff’s story is sheer potent proof that you too can become everything you want to be because you hold the power! Men take the chance, leap out on faith and do whats right for you not any other man.

Oprah Life Class with Chef Jeff

Chef Jeff Tv Show



His latest book check it out!

Follow him on Twitter @chefjefflive


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