DVF Celebrates 40 Years of the Wrap Dress with Exhibition!


DVF is one of the most original designers since coco chanel in my opinion. So when I first caught wind of the 40th anniversary exhibit of the wrap dress I could not stop thinking at how cool and innovative the idea was! How awesome is it that people can take  a journey down 40 years of women’s most sexy “Wrap Dress”! if you dont know who DVF is here’s a bit of background on her and the brand.

Diane von Fürstenberg, formerly Princess Diane zu Fürstenberg (GermanDiane Prinzessin zu Fürstenberg), (born 31 December 1946) is a Belgian born American fashion designer best known for her iconic wrap dress.She initially rose to prominence when she married into the German princely House of Fürstenberg, as the wife of Prince Egon of Fürstenberg. Following their divorce in 1972, she has continued to use his family name, although she is no longer entitled to use the title princess following her divorce and subsequent remarriage in 2001.

She re-launched her fashion company, Diane von Fürstenberg (DvF), in 1997, with the reintroduction of her famous wrap dress. The company is now a global luxury lifestyle brand offering four complete collections a year. DvF is available in over 70 countries and 45 free-standing shops worldwide. The company’s headquarters and flagship boutique are located inManhattan’s Meatpacking District.


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