Girls season 3 Premiere views renewed a 4th season with HBO!



In Case you were busy watching something else on Sunday night you missed out on drama filled and jaw dropping two episode premiere of GIRLS by Lena Dunham. Or maybe you don’t have HBO. But if you missed the premiere of Girls Season 3 , HBO has made the first two episodes available to watch on YouTube, 12 hours after they originally aired.

Girls, the show was at a first-run series high with 1.1 million viewers at 10 p.m. That’s a 28 percent jump from its season-two opener. Because of the opening night success HBO has already renewed the series for s 4th season! This series has become one  of  my favorites in these 3 short seasons. Girls embodies characters that are often hidden , language that is unspoken and situations untouched by prime time tv! Check out the first two episodes below and new episode sunday 10pm on HBO to see wat Jessa,Hannah,Shosh and Marni are up to this season!

Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 Episode 2


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