Vintage Woman :Uzoamaka Maduka claims her spot in Media Forbes 30 under 30




Every day I make a pledge to myself to stay inspired and positive as I go through my life journey some days are harder than others though as we all know. Today I was having one of those rough days doubting my journey, career and everything else you can imaginable think of. I feel into a negative space but I couldn’t keep myself there so I went online to lift my spirits. I stumbled upon the Forbes 30 under 30 : Media 2014 article and instantly turned my frown to a triumphant smile. There is a light at the end of this seemingly dark tunnel. A young woman by the name Uzoamaka Maduka, 26  was on the list. She is the Cofounder of  The American Reader, a digital and print magazine.I was so shocked that I had never heard of her but I’m super excited to have discovered her because she is amazing.


Maduka is a mix of a vintage woman but modern-day tech savvy: A young innovative and self assured individual in a country based on social acceptance. A child of Nigerian immigrants and Princeton graduate, she decided to start a literary magazine, in print, at a time when most of her classmates were dreaming of launching hit apps. There’s a daily website, too, and a partnership with helps with digital distribution. Uzoamaka makes readers check themselves and the content of american culture. (source

Once I read her magazine I began to ponder on many things in your life and society it gives us young people a choice instead of being spoon fed! But one thing that stuck out to me is that she decided to step on faith and launch a media outlet that wasnt like the norm. She makes it okay to question society, media and have an original statement regarding what you believe in a world where many follow what society jams in our brains through the media.  Congrats to Uzoamaka and thank you for the uplifting today! The journey continues for me… Stay Inspired dreamers and keep learning!

Check out her magazine online The American Reader & the full list of the 30 under 30 Media List her Here !



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