A Mary Jane Reflection: Season Premiere


Preview Being Mary Jane

One Word For tonight’s season premiere LIBERATING ! Finally  a show that shows every facet of a succesful african american woman in today’s society , the good,bad and the hidden secretes/faults . On one hand Mary Jane (MJ) has it all on the surface status but on the other shes missing all the genuine things that truly matter in life.

Back In July 2013 when I first wwas introduced to  BET’s First TV Pilot movie that turned into a series Being Mary Jane created by, My Favorite writer Mara Brock Akil and directed by husband Salim Akil ,I was Instantly connected with Gabriel Union’s character MJ. MJ’s Character was one not ever seen on tv, she was Alive, Vulnerable and a work still in progress even after success. So after the two-hour tv pilot I was hooked and wanted more but we had to wait till Now to dive deeper into this unprecedented story.

Tonight the premiere went straight in for the drama back to back in all parts of MJ’s life including friendship,career,family and Love life. It might be safe to say this is Gabriel Union’s greatest piece of acting work ever. Gabby engulfs herself in MJ’s Character so much it’s almost hard to tell between her character and her real life.

Mara Brock Akil said “As soon as I finished the script for Being Mary Jane, I handed to my husband and his first words were..His seond words were you need Gabriel Union. Salim is right about a lot of things ,and he had a clear vision picking this woman! She is fierce,fearless,bold,vulnerable,generous and humble portraying Mary Jane .”

I have to agree the Akil’s did an awesome job by casting Gabby , the show would have not been the same without her! Not to Mention Mary Jane’s Beau lovers Omari Hardick and Stephen Bishops were excellent choices! Ofcourse I will be tuning in Every Tuesday 10pm on Bet I fell so connected to the show!This winter just became a unforgetable one when the storm of Mary Jane rolled in! How will she balance all the diffrent storms in her life?



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