Mondays won’t be the same after Jan.6th 9pm on VH1! I Can barely wait because I have been following this series since season 1 and It has transcended into one of the hottest shows! Thumbs up to Queen Latifah and her production team! Below is a Summary of How Season 3 begins.

The premiere jumps three months ahead with a lavish wedding, leading to a new romance and new personal challenges for Raquel (Denise Vasi), April (Charity Shea), Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) and Omar (Travis Winfrey). Raquel turns her focus to her boutique, Indulgence, and soon finds passion in an unexpected partnership… April lands the opportunity of a lifetime working for one of Atlanta’s most powerful music managers,New cast member Felicia Price (LeToya Luckett), who rules her company and the music world with an iron stiletto.

While navigating Price Management, April gets embroiled into an ongoing rivalry with her new colleague David Berenger (Damien Dante Wayans). As Keisha and Malcolm (D.B.Woodside) return to Atlanta from traveling around the world, their relationship is threatened by a sudden tragedy, a mysterious woman, Naomi Cox, (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and other unexpected secrets.

There are also a few guest appearances by a few of your favorites LaLa Anthony,T.I,Future,Keke Palmer and many more.. Cant wait to see what ride this season takes us on!


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