2013: Year of the Awakening


goodbye 2013

2013 has been by far one of my most unpredictable yet transforming year I have ever experienced in my life. I’ve learned more about life and myself this year because  I sat down and listened to the universe. Learning from all situations that was brought my way whether negative or positive. A dreamer finally awoken for good this time. Realizing its okay to be strange, to question the unknown and to walk by faith not fear.

This year was a beautiful roller coaster ride  but i’m finally starting to uncover my true passions and be consistent within my passions. Experiencing  new things and visiting new places enriched my soul and sparked new creativity. Loving with no expectations, accepting people for who they are and being able to let those go that weren’t meant to stay. The Freedom i’ve acquired this year has led me to stay on a constant life journey to do what I love no matter how hard the struggle. Finding your true passion leads to life long happiness inside and out. To all my dreamers and visionaries Keep searching, be patient and keep feeding you soul by reading and surrounding your self with positive kindred souls like yourself. Those who have a desire and vision will succeed in due time never give up I believe in you and me!


Walk , Live and Love Your Dreams ..Xo


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