Vintage Chick: T.D.E ‘s Sza




I few weeks back I heard  a new song on sound cloud called “Ice Moon” by a new artist name SZA. I have never heard of this artist before but one thing i knew was that she was refreshing & rare. I played “Ice Moon” literally for a hour straight as I drove that day.  Something about Her and this song was magical and magnetic so I the next day I started a search to find out who this new young songstress was.

Sza, is a 23 year old from a suburban town called Maplewood,New Jersey ( same town Lauryn Hill is from). Sza has only been singing for a short few years and Has been signed to Top dawg entertainment (T.D.E) with fellow artist such as Kendrick Lamar and School Boy Q.  Sza became singer only due to her brother Manhattan being a rapper and asking her to get on tracks but she sure had no intentions of becoming a singer!

I found Sza’s style of music to very timeless and rare for such a young person. I believe her music is so different possibly because f her upbringing as an orthodox muslim. Her father  didn’t allow her to watch tv or listen to radio. Sza  said “Growing up, I couldn’t do anything other than what my dad did. So basically, I listened to Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong. That was my only option.”

What I admire the most about this young artist is that she is following her passion her way no matter the high & lows life has thrown at her. She is Fearless and trusting her life’s path , which can be the hardest thing for people but we have to in order to not conform into society.

Sza is the definition of a Vintage Chick ( Rare Music, unprecedented Style, )check out her music below she will be here a while ……


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