The  TLC Story : The real,shocking and untold story 


The Real on The TLC tip!!

Last night the VH1 tv movie The TLC story aired with stars Drew Sidora (Tboz),Keke Palmer (Chilli) and last but not least LiL Mama (Left eye). Many, including myself, were skeptical of how these actress would portray the top greatest girl group in history.  This movie absolutely blew me away in all aspects acting,revealing information and the clear identification of the TLC characters at a deeper level. Like many other girls were huge fans of TLC, from the age I was 5 ,when they first came out. TLC was the group that made it okay to have a mind of your own while still being beautiful!

Last night I was so excited to see the movie yet I though I knew everything about TLC because I use to read about them all the time , well I was totally wrong! First off  lets talk Chilli and her revealing personal secrets. I was never aware that chili had an abortion by  producer Dallas Austin.Hence on in the Unpretty video there is a scene with a girl in the abortion clinic and Chilli runs out. I commend Chilli for being that brave to tell that secret. I also wasn’t aware that the relationship between her child’s father (Dallas Austin) was so off and on. Furthermore , Tboz was in a full on relationship with Jodeci Member Dalvin which I wasnt aware it was very serious. Also, through this movie we got to see Tboz long and deadly battle with sickle-cell ,where often times she had to have nurses on tour with her whoa!!!  After examining the life of Lisa “left eye” Lopes I realized she is a true genius and was a wanderer in life, I love her soul!

My reaction to pebbles character (played by Rochelle Aytes) was not surprising at all. I give her credit for discovering them but she without a doubt did not treat them fairly financially. Yet  I was absolutely blown away by Lil Mama’s performance of left eye! At points in the movie it was so spooky and eerie how much she had engulfed herself in the character. Lil mama has definitely won me over as an actress , she has redeemed herself.

TLC has made history once again! If you didn’t catch the movie last night it will reair tonight on VH1

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