Are you partying for pleasure or progress?

Everyone from all walks of life loves a good party . Partying can often be a stress reliever ,mood changer and everlasting memories. Yet Ask yourself why are you partying  every week and is it benefitting you? Most People will respond they don’t know why they party or it’s just plain old fun they enjoy. The astronomical amount of money and time  young adults spend on socializing can be draining and costly.

 Myself , like , most of  you reading this are young adults between the ages of 18-30 and some of you may have an idea of your dream, while some are still figuring it out. Whether you are on the hustle of chasing your dream or on the road to discovering it you will need to save as much money now in order to fulfill your dream or goal. Eliminating  unnecessary  expensive partying will provide you with funds that will benefit your future and my time to put energy toward your true goals/dreams. I wish I learned at an earlier age than I did. Not to mention in today’s economy its super hard to save money if you are lucky enough to even have a job. Of course you do not have to cut partying forever but you should begin minimize. Here are my list of reasons when and why to party that have saved me money,energy and made me progress closer towards my dream.I hope these tips can help all my dreamers out there get just a tad closer to fulfillment.

1.Networking oppturtunies – networking provides you with a wider range of contacts that will ultimately provide you with more opportunities and lifelong relationships even mentors.

2.Free events – This is a no brainer ,who doesn’t love a free party?Everyone!!!!

3.Family Gatherings- These gatherings are usually safe and rewarding parties or social events that you will cherish much more than your average bar night.


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