Are you a wanderer?


Words From A Wanderer by Alexander Elle is a timeless and beautiful compilation of notes and poetry. This book was created with hopes of uplifting and encouraging readers in many ways. There is a journal in the back of the book for readers and fellow writers to indulge in to keep the “conversation” going. Author, Alexandra Elle, wrote this book to shed light on the fact that indeed not all who wander are lost; some are simply still finding their way.

I have personally been following Alex on social media since her hair blog site. If you follow her on Twitter or instagram@Alex_Elle you will see her positive self notes and poetry is contagious. During many trying times in my life recently I have looked to her words for inspiration. Alex seems to be a very kindred soul with a gift of creativity and I connect with her as I am a poet myself. I look forward to reading this book and for all my viewers to read it too! Please send your thoughts,opinions and reviews in so we can discuss!



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