A Fall Getaway place to know

Summer is over but just in case you had a busy summer with friends and family now is the time to take that special someone away. Why not hit the carribean for a long weekend getaway with your lover? I’ve got just the place you need to know..the beautiful island of St.Maarten/Saint Martin.


I visited this unique island for Valentine’s day this year. As soon as I stepped off the plane I felt at peace and free. Island of Houses on mountain like heels bottomed by the aqua waters and many seaports. I couldnt believe what my eyes were seeing pure beauty.

I stayed on the dutch side of the island at the oyester bay resort, where the staff was entirely so sweet! The island is split into dutch ,french and spanish which I had not known. Residents of the island spoke french,spanish,creole and english. Many people had migrated from surrounding islands for work hence on why they all look completely diffrent.

The island had the most amazing seafood! Not to mention some of the best rum ever called Guava Berry rum. Make sure you bring some Guava Berry rum home! The night life was a mix between local bars,casinos and a few big clubs just a few minutes down the road.

After reading this I hope you are about to book a vacation you deserve it!  Send in your vacation pictures so you can share your St.Maarten experience with me and my viewers!

Love,Positivity, and Discovery



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