John Singleton is bringing the “Snowfall” to FX

Back in May FX network announced that they would be ordering the latest pilot from legendary director John Sigelton! John Singleton and co-writer Eric Amadio are exploring the early days of Los Angeles crack cocaine epidemic through the intersecting stories of three different people in ” Snowfall”.

 The series will follow Franklin Saint, a “young street entrepreneur on a quest for power”; Gustavo Zapata, a “Mexican wrestler turned gangster in search of his American dream”; and Logan Miller, a “prominent family’s ‘black sheep’ desperate to escape his father’s shadow.” 


John recently posted on his Instagram that Lauren London and Deray Davis have been added to the cast of Snowfall and filming will take place this summer.Singleton has had an amazing year in Tv  he directed the fifth episode of “Empire,” on Fox.
Singleton also has two other projects in development — a Miami-set club drama and New York-centered society entry — both at HBO. It looks like John is coming harder than ever and I’m interested to see what stories he has to tell now! 


Trailer Tuesday’s : DOPE the movie + 2 Magazine Features Starring DOPE’s cast!


Ricky Famuyiwa’s new film, DOPE, is an highly anticipated movies of the summer!Famuyiwa wrote and directed  the hip hop coming of age story and leveraged distinguished  support from Legendary Actor & Director Forest Whitaker and Diverse Artist Pharrell Williams as Producers.  The Film stars Shameik Moore ,Kiersy Clemons ,Chanel Iman, A$ap Rocky, Zoe Kravitz, and Quincy Brown.

(Shameik Moore) is carefully surviving life in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles while juggling college applications, academic interviews, and the SAT. A chance invitation to an underground party leads him into an adventure that could allow him to go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself.


Last a night DOPE had its West Coast Premiere and Will be having its NYC premiere at ABFF Friday June 12th before its nationwide release Next Friday June 19th! In the meantime the DOPE cast has been on a whirlwind press run including snagging two features in prestigious  Magazines such as Glamour and Instyle Magazines for their July issues!


Happy National Best Friends Day: My Fav 5 Actress BFF’s

Cree Summer & Lisa Bonet


Cree & Lisa Bonet Starred on the early 90s hit tv show “A Different World” (now streaming on NETFLIX) as well as Cree is Zoe Kravitz (Lisa’s Daughter) God Mother.

“I always say to people, I’d much rather walk into a room with Lisa than by myself. She helps me get my strut on (laughs), you know what I mean? It makes me feel more powerful.”-Cree Summer

Jada Pinkett-Smith & Queen Latifah


Jada and Queen rocked our worlds with their strong roles in the fiery box off hit 1996 “Set It off” as well as Queen being one of the very first people to know about Jada’s early relationship with Will Smith!

Sanaa Lathan & Gabriel Union


This BFF duo starred opposite of each other in the 2000 Hit “Love and Basketball” and have been connected ever since!

Adrienne Bailon & Julissa Bermudez 

EMPIRE GIRLS: JULISSA & ADRIENNE -- OK! Shoot -- Pictured: (l-r) Adreinne, Julissa -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Style)

Best Friend Girl Duo both The Big Apple City ,NYC, have been friends since they both entered the entertainment industry at a very young age! Adrienne & Julissa also had a hit reality show called “Empire Girls” a few year ago!

Tasha Smith & Elisabeth Rohm


Creative Projects To Fund: Inspiring Actor’s road to Acting School “16 Minutes of Fame” Short Doc!


Alphonso  Walker Jr. had the acting bug since a child but wasn’t convinced of his passion until his sophomore year in college when a good friend of his revived a drama club and Alphonso got a leading part as Troy Maxson  in the famous play “FENCES” by August Wilson! Alphonso’s journey to becoming an actor has not been one without rejection and struggles. Alphonso was denied to every acting school he applied to last year 2014 but this year he told us he received an email from TTSC about auditions  followed by an email from a college advisor saying he should attend TTSC’s audition.

I felt it was more than a coincidence. So with 3 days notice, I booked a flight and scheduled an audition.

Alphonso was getting the opportunity  of a lifetime to audition for the Tom Todoroff Studio & Conservatory and at first joked about how it would be funny to record his journey to the audition and his reactions after the auditions. Before Alphonso left Buffalo he picked up a handy cam and brought the cam along as a witness to his soon to be testimony and this is where the “16 minutes of Fame” doc was born!

16 Minutes of Fame relates to people having their “15 Minutes of Fame” and disappearing, but I intend to be around much longer after the smoke clears.”

Alphonso has  a webseries entitled THE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS on Youtube: Click here and will appearing in his first feature-length film entitled “The Glass Floor” debuting Summer 2015. Alphonso is inspired by actors such as Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie ,Jamie Foxx, Tarahji P. Henson and Will Smith! The only way Alphonso can get to the  level of working with the actors listed above is for him to attend acting school and yes he has been accepted to Tom Todoroff Studio & Conservatory in NYC for a two-year program but it is not free and  unfortunately  financial aid is unavailable ! Alphonso’s would like our help to assist with making his dream come true by donating to his acting school tuition. Support a young man who isn’t afraid to lead his life by passion and purpose!

Donate Here


SNAPCHAT – awalkerjr

New Book “LARGE FEARS” offers diversity and vibrancy in the children’s book world!

Large Fears

Large Fears, is a story about Jeremiah Nebula, a queer black boy who loves pink things and desperately wants to travel to Mars. Author Myles E Johnson & Illustrator Kendrick Daye have chosen to go the independent route with book publishing for Large Fears and raised over three thousand dollars via Kickstarter instead of waiting for a publishing house to do so. Also,along with the book “LARGE FEARS,” Myles and Kendrick carefully created a workshop for children that speaks on conquering large fears, accepting differences in others, and chasing your large dreams with hopes of every child to be able to experience this workshop.

Large Fears is a game changing book, a book to bring about conversation and a necessary piece of literature !The future of our society  depend on  the children of today and Large Fears will give these children more understanding which in turn will grow into the  adults of tomorrow who will lead a more loving peaceful world.I had the opportunity to speak with the Author Myles E.Johnson more in-depth about the story,journey and future plans of Large Fears Below!


SV:Where did the title derive from and what does it mean to both of you?

MEJ:The title came from a musical project that Kendrick was working on.  I loved it because it sounded childish and simple, but still paramount and universal.  It sounded like something that could strike a chord with the public because everyone has large fears and big dreams. For me, “LARGE FEARS” is a reminder. It is a reminder to not be a slave to what frightens you, but use it as an anchor to explore yourself with and to ultimately tap into your greatest expression of yourself.

SV:How long was the process from initial conception to final copy of the book?

MEJ:wrote the book, and two others starring Jeremiah Nebula, about a year and a half ago. But Kendrick and myself took time to really design and build a world that represents who we are as artists, the community that we hold closely, and something that people could really connect and interact with. We didn’t want to rush Jeremiah Nebula or the LARGE FEARS world, we wanted it to be perfect. And honestly, Kendrick and myself are constantly editing things as far as the design and literature goes. I don’t think there will be a ‘final’ version until we print out the book and send out the first copy to a customer.

SV:Do you fear any resistance from parents or the public in general ?

MEJ:, I don’t fear resistance. Resistance actually affirms that the work this book, character, and idea are doing is necessary and is striking a chord with culture. I think if I presented this project and everyone thought it was wonderful and agreed on its politics, I would second guess the book and idea, and how necessary it was. I wanted to create something that was radical and bold.

SV:What age do you both feel its appropriate for parents to start discussing gender or sexuality issues with a child?

MEJ:think there’s always an appropriate way to discuss gender and sexuality with a child of any age. As the child matures, so can the language, but the discussion of love and individuality should be an ongoing discourse between parents and the child that starts young. It can be as simple as “sometimes men love women, and women love women, and men love men, and some people love both, and it is all okay.” Discussing gender and dismissing stereotypes can be done at a young age too. “Anyone can love pink and anyone can love blue, and some people feel more comfy in dresses and some people feel more comfy in suits, and it is all okay as long as you are comfortable.” You’d be surprised what a child can understand if you give the child a chance to truly love and learn.

SV:How has Large Fears affected each of your lives?

MEJ:LARGE FEARS” is kind of this megaphone that I was able to use to call upon everyone in the black queer diaspora. It has been a vehicle for me to experience the capacity of love and support that lives in my community, which is something I didn’t expect. Like Jeremiah, I have always suffered from the fear of being disliked or misunderstood, so for me and my creation to be embraced as it has is humbling and motivates me to think and create bigger and bolder worlds, concepts, and characters along with collaborating with more minds that align with my creative ethos.

SV:Do you see a possible movie or cartoon series installments in the future for this book

MEJ: I would absolutely adore that. I would love to live in a world where children look up to a child that is adventurous and brave and doesn’t fit societal-imposed binaries. I have so many ideas for television shows and films concerning Jeremiah Nebula, his friends, and the adventures he can go on and that would be an absolute dream come true to breathe even more life into this world that me and Kendrick have made.

Log on here to get LARGE FEARS MORE INFO book release,photos,announcements and more!

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Web series Wednesday’s: Issa Rae Presents “Fundamental”

  Christopher McMullen better known as Seth Brundle was born and raised in Carson,California.Seth  knew he had a passion for style  since a child but choose to go to Morehouse college in Atlanta to study marketing and pr. Upon Graduation seth returned to Los Angeles to work as an PR executive but soon realized he must return to his passion of fashion and quit his job to be a professional stylist! Seth has worked with celebrities such as Faith,Teyana Taylor,Rudy Gay, Kevin McCall and more but fashion isn’t the end for seth’s passions in life! Seth also has an ongoing love affair with cooking and fitness. Seth was on Issa Rae’s channel in the  Butter and Brown series but now has his own solo series called Fundamental ! Below is Seth’s first episode and its pretty intriguing!

‘FUNDAMENTAL’ is a lifestyle series centered around Seth Brundle’s career in Fashion, his love of cooking and personal journey with Fitness!

Trailer Tuesdays: Urban Teen Drama “MysEducation”


I stumbled upon a riveting new pilot tv series currently in development called Myseducation! In life there are many lessons we learn in school but the most valuable lessons we learn are often on you step off the school grounds and into the arena of life.Education is key but does not always have to come from once source or platform.Common sense and awareness of your environment are major necessities for teen to survive especially in an urban setting. MysEducation  is a coming of age story that explores the plight of african american teen girls through the lens of  two main characters, Tomi and Kayla, raised in the inner city phenomenon.The urban american experience in the educational system is often neglected or not understood and because of the lack of resolutions many issues of these students are carried over into adulthood! MysEducation can very well be a source and a  step to solving certain urban education issues by acknowledging and viewing these anecdotes visually. The show is written by Yakira Chambers, directed by Jarrett Conaway and executive produced by Jason Calabro and Yakira Chambers.


Tomi (Courtney Howe)  attends Loyola College Preparatory High School. A very bright, articulate, over-achieving young lady who is often reprimanded for her ‘round the way’ appearance and behavior. while struggling to achieve in an alien environment. Tomi is the kind of gal who lives and breathes by a moral compass, until she’s backed into a corner. What will she sacrifice? Kayla (Ashalyn Garner) is a freshman at Harper Technical High School. An inherent need to protect, she always finds herself in the middle of something she had nothing to do with. Bright, a little rough around the edges, street savvy and book smart. Kayla struggles with her everyday surroundings and her academic pursuit. Finds solace in her only ally that understands her struggle and vision for her life. Her loyalty is uncompromised, and this will undoubtedly create challenges.

Movie Review: Stripping Aint Easy In “Chocolate City”!!


“Chocolate city its going to be sexy,sizzling fun and you are going to be very proud to see our brothers represent and it has a great storyline “says Vivica as she did an interview on the red carpet Tuesday Night in Times Square for the Chocolate City movie premiere.Chocolate City,follows the story of  Michael (Robert Ri’chard), a college student, is struggling to help his mother (Vivica A. Fox) make ends meet. When his part- time job doesn’t pay the bills, he begins to find success at the nightclub dancing as “Sexy Chocolate.” As the money starts rolling in, Michael must deal with the unexpected pressure of being the new favorite flavor while hiding his “job” from his religious mother and girlfriend carmen (Imani Hakim).

Chocolate City written & directed by Jean -Claude Lamarre also co-stars  the always sensual Michael Jai White club owner of Chocolate City and mentor figure. This film also has a HELL of a lot of comic relief  from Deray Davis who plays Michael’s not so sensible older brother. Legendary Choreographer and Soul food actor Darren Dewitt Henson adds his amazing dancing skills to chocolate city’s stage and admits he was intimidated by the role because choreography and exotic dancing are two different realms but excitedly took on the role anyway! A major plus of the film was having veteran exotic dancer BOLO casted in the film he definitely brought the authenticity  and had all the women in quite a trance!

Major themes of  Chocolate City include jealousy, religious moral conflict,family & financial hardships and consequences as Michael slips deep into addictive exotic dancing world.

 “I think that everyone in America can relate to lengths that we will go to take care of our family and I’m just playing an ordinary guy with an extraordinary  experience “-Robert Richard

The Quality of the film was surprisingly great for an independent film,costumes were right on trend  for the exotic male dancing industry  and music was fitting with a surprise appearance by Mr. Pony  himself r &b artist ,Ginuwine!

Chocolate City will have a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on Friday, May 22, 2015, followed by its arrival on home entertainment platforms, including Digital, On Demand and DVD. After the screening Vivica ,Robert, Darren and Bolo hinted that there might be a sequel in store but they can only make that happen with you all going out to support the film because there is defiantly power in numbers!


(Bolo,Darren Dewitt-Henson,Vivica Fox, Robert Ri’chard)

unnamed (8)

(Robert Ri’chard is not little Arnez anymore ha!)

unnamed (11)

(Darren Dewitt-Henson,Vivica Fox, Angela Yee)


(Robert Ri’chard and a few Chocolate City Boys )

3 stars ( Storyline/Content)

2.5 stars (Acting)

Running time: 1:31

MPAA Rating: R for sexual content throughout, partial nudity, language and brief violence.

Instagram & Twitter: @chocolatecitymovie


Creative Projects To Fund: Afro-Iran -The Unknown Minority Photo Book


Mahdi Eshaei is a 25 year old  German-Iranian photographer and designer based in Germany. Eshaei studied design at the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.Mahdi has stumbled upon a fascinating group of african descendent people in Iran that were unknown to him and many others until he went to southern Iran to a soccer match. The experience of seeing a black or African featured man that spoke Persian and was a born Iranian sparked the search and the creative project to document these rare beautiful group of people of his culture! Mahdi has a an idea and book that will live on for centuries but he needs everyone help to raise about 12 thousand  dollars By June 13th! 


Afro-Iran shows a side of Iran, which is widely unknown even to Iranians: a minority of people who influenced the culture of a whole region by continuing their African heritage with their clothing style, their music, their dance and their oral traditions and rituals. I set out to the Hormozgan Province in the Persian Gulf to shed some light on this part of Iran, which is home to the descendants of enslaved people and traders from Africa.

  ‘Afro-Iran’ reveals details documenting a centuries-long history of a community, which is often overlooked in Iran’s history, but which has even shaped the culture in Southern Iran.

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Twitter: @Mahdi_Eshaei

Short Movie Monday’s : Keep Pushing


Growing up as kid in the 90’s hip hop music made you feel ,made you dance and most importantly made you think but that vibe is sadly not prevalent  in hip hop music today. Although there are still small circles of new generation hip hop artist that spit knowledge and make you feel good simultaneously like Kendrick Lamar ,Jcole,and Wale the music with lack of luster still outweighs. This remarkable retrospective  lets us take a stroll down memory lane in hip hop with hopes to inspire hip hop artist today to remember to not  just entertain but to inform and uplift the people of our culture through Keep Pushing .

Set eight years before Revolutions Per Minute ,the feature film that director Timour Gregory  and associate producers are striving to make next, Keep Pushing” sees a teenage Billy            ( Jadon Woodard) torn between pursuing his dream of becoming a rap artist and enlisting in the army during the First Gulf War. Features Harry Lennix and Pharoahe Monch.

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